QWC2 / QWC Services


QGIS Web Client 2 (QWC2) is a modular next generation responsive web client for QGIS Server, built with ReactJS and OpenLayers.


The core concept of QWC2 is to display QGIS Projects which are published by QGIS Server via WMS.

There are two ways to run QWC2:

  • As part of the qwc-services ecosystem, includes additional services to which includes additional services to extend the viewer functionality (such as user administration, editing, etc.). This is the recommended approach.
  • As a standalone viewer (static JS/HTML/CSS web application) on top of QGIS Server.

QWC2 with qwc-servies on the backend provide a complete Web GIS infrastructure.

Overview of functionalities

Without any additional services, the stock QWC2 offers the following main functionalities:

  • Theme switcher (a theme is a published QGIS project)
  • Switchable background layers
  • Layer tree
  • Object information (feature info)
  • Search with configurable providers
  • Measurement tools
  • Redlining (sketching)
  • URL sharing
  • Geolocation
  • PDF printing
  • Raster and DXF export
  • Compare layers
  • Import external layers (WMS, WFS, WMTS, KML, GeoJSON)

When run as part of the qwc-services ecosystem, the following additional viewer functionalities are available:

  • User administration
  • Editing
  • Fulltext search
  • Compact permalinks
  • Height profile
  • Custom feature info templates
  • Mapinfo popup
  • Reports (via Jasper)

qwc-services also provides the following enterprise relevant functionalities:

  • Docker/Kubernetes or WSGI deployments
  • Multi-tenant setup
  • Custom service integration
  • Multiple authentication backends