2023.10.24 qwc-base-db rework

As of 2023.10.24 the QWC base DB image has been reworked as follows:

  • Migrations were moved to the qwc-base-db repository, the qwc-config-db repository is now obsolete.
  • A new qwc-base-db-migrate image helps migrating dockerized or external config DBs.
  • Demo data will be initialized by an optional setup script in qwc-docker, the qwc-demo-db repository is now obsolete.

To use the new images, replace

    image: docker.io/sourcepole/qwc-demo-db:<version>


    image: sourcepole/qwc-base-db:<pg_version>
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: '' # TODO: Set your postgres password here!
     - ./volumes/db:/var/lib/postgresql/docker
     # If you don't want/need the demo data, you can remove this line
     - ./volumes/demo-data/setup-demo-data.sh:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/2_setup-demo-data.sh
     - ""
      test: ["CMD-SHELL", "pg_isready -U postgres"]
      interval: 10s

    image: sourcepole/qwc-base-db-migrate:<version>
     - ./pg_service.conf:/tmp/pg_service.conf:ro
        condition: service_healthy

in your docker-compose.yml.


  • It is now mandatory to set your own POSTGRES_PASSWORD.
  • You can keep your previous volumes/db postgres data folder, but it is recommended to make a backup.
  • The sourcepole/qwc-base-db images are versioned according to the Postgres major version (i.e. 13, 14, 15, ...).
  • The sourcepole/qwc-base-db-migrate images are versioned by date (vYYYY.MM.DD)
  • See the qwc-base-db README for more information.
  • As of 2023.10.24 the name of the database was changed to the more generic qwc_services instead of qwc_demo.

Upgrading to qwc service images v2022.01.26

The qwc-uwsgi-base images have been changed to allow for configurable UID/GID of the uwsgi process. The default is UID=33 and GID=33, you can override it by setting the SERVICE_UID and SERVICE_GID environment variables in docker-compose.yml.

As a consequence, /var/www is not necessarily anymore the home directory of the user wich runs uwsgi, and therefore the qwc-uwsgi-base images now set ENV PGSERVICEFILE="/srv/pg_service.conf". You'll therefore need to adapt your pg_service.conf volume mounts in your docker-compose.yml to point to that location, i.e.

- ./pg_service.conf:/srv/pg_service.conf:ro

Upgrading to qwc-config-generator-v2022.01.12

  • scanned_projects_path_prefix has been dropped as a config setting. Instead, qgis_projects_scan_base_dir must be a directory below qgis_projects_base_dir, and the prefix is automatically computed internally.
  • scanned_projects_path_prefix has been added as a config setting as the output path for preprocessed qgis projects. It must be a directory below qgis_projects_base_dir to which the config service is allowed to write.

Upgrading from qwc service images v2021.x to v2022.01.08 or later

Starting with v2022.01.08, the requirements of all services where updated to use Flask-JWT-Extended 4.3.1.

Flask-JWT-4.x changes the JWT format (see 4.0.0 Breaking Changes), which can result in QWC Services returning a Missing claim: identity error message.

To avoid this: * Change your JWT secret key in .env. * Ensure all services are upgraded to v2022.01.12 or later (if such a version exists). Please omit v2022.01.08 and v2022.01.11.